Silky Smooth Skin with Phillips Lumea 

I have sensitive skin and thick, dark, course hair. Over the years, I’ve battled with the inconvenience of shaving every second day, waxing at salon’s which I still find very painful, and I was always prone to in-grown hairs which was terrible. Keeping depilation appointments proved inconvenient for me on countless occasions as a busy mom! I want to look good and put together but I don’t want too spend lots of time worrying about hair removal.

Hair, nails, facials, makeup, the list goes on for us woman! If there’s any way I can shorten the list of appointments I’m all for it!. I am huge believer in personal care, as not only a woman, but a mother, self neglect can just happen. I’ve been there and all I can say is the outside definatley affects your confidence level on the inside and vice versa.

When Philips contacted me to try their  IPL hair removal device called Lumea Prestige I was curious to try it out as I have never done IPL hair rermoval. The timing was perfect with Summer being use around the corner! After checking the online reviews which were all amazing I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Philips Lumea 101

To be honest, when I received the device it took me a few days to even use it! I was a bit scared to try out this fancy looking device, and I had a pre-conceived idea that it was difficult to use, possibly painful (like most other hair removal techniques), and time consuming. This device uses innovative light based technology (Intense Pulsed Light) that’s aim is to thin out and eventually remove unwanted body hair for good. Last Sunday evening, which is the time I usually reserve for ‘me’ time and my home based beauty treatments I decided to finally try it out while watching TV. To my surprise It was SO easy to use, and quick,about 20 minutes for both my legs and 10 minutes for my under-arms. Apart from a very mild stinging sensation at the start, nothing uncomfortable, it was painless and completely hassle free. After using this device three times, the hair on my legs and under-arms is still there but has significantly thinned out, definitely not as dark and thick as it used to be with shaving. I will say, I am impressed.

Because I have naturaly tanned skin I was a unsure weather or not this device would work on me, as with all the other IPL devices Philips Lumea isn’t effective with very dark skin, light blonde, red, and grey hair. Fortunately it worked perfectly on me and proved effective thus far. What I loved about this device on first impressions is:

-The look of the device. Its looks very sleek and beautiful in my bathroom. I also love rose gold, so feminine and luxurious.

-It comes with different attachments, for body, under-arms, bikini, and face.

-It comes with a charger, but it can be used cordless. Super convenient for me.

-Comes with a cute travelling pouch. I’m always on the move, so this helps to keep everything that I need for hair removal in 1 place. I’m also very organised with my personal care so I don’t have the time for fussing with different kinds of hair removal while traveling. This is what Il be taking with my to the coast this Summer. No razors, no messy wax!

-The Philips Lumea come with 5 different light settings so you can manually select the strength of light you need. If you are unsure about what light intensity you need for your legs, for example, a skin detector is built into this device (I mean, how convenient is this ladies!?). You place the device at a 90 degree angle on an area of your body, press the skin detector button, press the activation button, and voila, it does the work for you!

This is the 1st Summer in a long time that I feel I will be a lot more confident and  carefree because I will be hair-free! More time to enjoy with my family and friends by the seaside and less time worrying about booking depilation appointments, re-growth, and feeling self conscious on the beach when this happens! I’m excited to continue using this dreamy device and having silky smooth golden skin this Summer! Stay tuned until next month beauties when I will be giving the full low down on my Phillips Lumea Prestige results.

With Love