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I discovered while doing makeup on clients this past year that I really enjoy teaching about it. Apart from being a professional makeup artist I am also the the beauty columnist for popular Croatian portal Index Rouge on index.hr where I write about makeup and beauty and explain certain techniques and tips and tricks.

However, I wanted to create a more personal teaching experience where I can physically teach you how to perfect some basic makeup techniques on your own face. My makeup 101 lessons are per hour, so you can keep it short and sweet or more detailed. Its completely tailored to your preferences and makeup needs.

Personally, makeup youtube channels are fun to watch and you can learn many tips and tricks, but doing those same techniques on your face at the end of the video is a different story! Everyone’s face is different, so contouring, colour theory, how to best shape and fill your eyebrows, how to apply blush to suit your own face shape, etc..will be different. That is why I created these 101 makeup application classes that is specifically  tailored to your face, to bring out your best features.

I am formally trained at one of the most prestigious makeup schools in Zagreb, JL Style Academy. I studied MUA Pro level1 for a intense 2 months under Lucija Juros, a very well know and highly respected celebrity makeup artist in Croatia. So rest assured, you are in good hands!

Looking forward to meeting you all and teaching you the professional way to do your own makeup.

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