I said I would, I believed I could, And so I did


Last year this time I couldn’t imagine having my own website and blog. Actually, having the time to write blog posts and organise a professional website seemed scary. It seemed like SO much extra work.

Once I got into it 3 months ago, I found out it is SO much work, but I kept at it and focused. My passion for beauty and makeup artistry definitely inspired me to work even harder. This is what Ive always wanted, this is my time, so Im giving it all Ive got and more! To my surprise, during the busiest festive season of my life I managed to complete the design of my website and blog. Being an ex-graphic designer definitely came in handy in this department! Something I wanted to do since I finished my makeup education almost two years ago. I kept coming up with excuses that I never had enough time. As a working expat mom of a busy toddler, I struggled to find the time and energy. But, to be honest, we all have the time. If its that important, we will make the time. Everybody’s busy, but being productive is a totally different ball-game!

I was intimidated in the beginning of my career when I started out in this industry as I felt I didn’t fit into any particular ‘category’ in Croatia. I also wasn’t fluent in the language. Thoughts went through my mind often, such as, do I go more into the social media side of being an ‘Instagram makeup artist’?, be an editorial makeup artist, a freelance makeup artist? I didn’t know any other working expat makeup artists in Zagreb at the time whom I could ask advice from on how to get started. So I simply went with my gut and did a little bit of everything in makeup and beauty as a freelance makeup artist, beauty columnist and the explored the social media side of the business. I still do now and that’s what I love. I love being creative and working on many projects at the same time and being surrounded by like-minded people. It keeps me inspired. And thats what makes me truly happy.

Its hard to explain as an expat, but to start off your own business in a new country, with a completely different culture and language to your own is so challenging in the first year especially. I cannot explain how difficult it was for me in the first 2 years of living in Zagreb. You don’t have your ‘base’. You need to develop it all from scratch. And that is exactly what I did. I knew in order to grow I had to get out of my comfort zone of being a stay at home mother. There is no growth in a comfort zone. Its ok to feel uncomfortable in the start! Meet new, interesting, and inspiring people in, and out of the industry, go out more, enjoy and live your life, but be productive in the process. Don’t get lost along the way. By working on that last year by not caring where I ‘fit in’ and by just doing my thing well, I fit in everywhere.


I don’t know a single expat in Zagreb who does something similar to what I do in the beauty industry. So instead of looking at this as a bad thing I conditioned my mind and saw that as a good thing! The power of a positive mindset is unbelievable, plus being different is my power. Realising this and living it completely changed my life in the span of 6 months. I made things happen, instead of dreaming about it or waiting or complaining to my husband to make it happen for me. No doubt my husband has been a huge support system, as an expat you know how important this is. You need each other and you need to support each other 200 percent.

But to achieve your goals YOU have to make it happen at the end of the day. Its your life, and its 2018 after all! You need to motivate yourself somehow, I can’t tell you how, its your life, but we all have that something that sets our souls on fire. Now, go out and work on that, even if its a little bit everyday, start somewhere.

Mid 2017 was definitely the year of balance for me. I found if I didn’t have balance and prioritise what is important Im going to get lost in the crazy world of social media. Now, I don’t take it too seriously, I see it a job that I love and its integrated much more organically into my lifestyle. Now I make the time to spend quality time with my family,work out twice a week with a personal trainer (because I was wasting time at the gym before not training correctly), and eat healthier more consistently. Its amazing how these changes has changed my mood and perspective, relationships and overall positivity!

I read a quote online recently that I truly resonated with, by Tom Ford,“ I believe in living life the way you want to live it every day, and if you do that, you don’t really need to have New Year’s resolutions”. 2018, Im ready for you, bring it!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, successful and productive 2018 beauties! May everything that you worked hard on last year flourish this year. You all deserve it!

Love and Light




my photographer: @kristina.su