Is Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion Magic in a bottle?

Firstly, let me give you the lowdown on my skin: Combination and Sensitive- an oil slick of a forehead and dry as the Sahara Desert cheeks! Im also prone to hormonal breakouts and sometimes scarring after these hormonal breakouts. Never in my life have I had breakouts/ acne, but it started from when I was 28 years old, during my pregnancy with my son when my skin changed drastically.

My main concern is definitely skin pigmentation. Its the hardest skin concern to tackle and Im still trying to find a product that actually works. Needless to say, my skin is in a good condition because I look after it with the correct products that suits my skins needs. If I slack on my skincare, sleep and diet too much I can immediately see the after effects in my skin. Because my skin gets very dry in Winter, Im prone to redness and texture on my cheeks only. This year however, for the first time in 5 years living in Zagreb, Croatia (the Winters can get very harsh), I didn’t experience any of this!

For the last 3 months Ive been using some products from The Ordinary (you can read all about my experience here). I introduced P50 Lotion into my daily skincare routine about 1.5 months ago. To be completely honest, I haven’t heard about this Cult, French product before, yes I know, I must have been living under a rock! Only 3 places in Zagreb stocks the full range of Biologique Recherché products as far as I know. The Studio where I work as a makeup artist is one of those stockists and that is where I learned about the brand and got to try out some treatments. I had been hearing raving reviews floating around the city about this particular product. My facialist at Nina’s Place also highly recommended it to me to help control the texture on my cheeks and breakout on my chin Ive been battling for a while to get rid of. After some research online, all rave reviews, my mind was set on trying out this product, immediately!

P50 lotion claims to exfoliate, hydrate, and balance the PH of the skin. Im a huge fan of gentle chemical exfoliates, especially on late 20’s and 30+ skin, its less abrasive than manual exfoliates and generally help to brighten your complexion. It’s not a lotion at all really, but a clear, watery chemical exfoliator that you can apply with a cotton pad, like a toner, or directly onto your face. It exfoliates, can get rid of dark spots, can help get rid of acne, regulates sebum, and helps to give you THE glow that all woman so desperately want, including myself. Its 2018, it ALL about the glow. Let me warn you,it smells horrible,  similar to apple cider vinegar, but on me the smell dissipates a few minutes after application. There are a few P50 lotions to cater to different skin types, I use the P50W for sensitive skin.

Lotion P50/P50 1970

P50 1970 is the toughest version. It contains the controversial ingredient, phenol, which is also found in mouthwash and Its been banned in Europe. It does contain all the amazing ingredients of P50, including a blend of AHAs and BHAs to brighten your skin and give it life. A few of the natural ingredients include, sorrell, myrrh extract, myrtle, and onion. The regular P50 (not the 1970’s version) excludes phenol for those looking for a gentler alternative but still providing all the benefits of the original formula.

For dry skin: Lotion P50V/P50V 1970

For dry to normal skin, it also contains plankton and brewer’s yeast, for extra hydration.

For  sensitive skin: Lotion P50W/P50W 1970

As Ive mentioned before this is the one I use (without phenol) the formula balances lactic and salicylic acid with glycerin and articum lappa root, so its quite gentle on the skin.I love the fact it contains salicylic acid great for oilier, breakout prone skin.

For hyperpigmentation: Lotion P50 PIGM 400 (no phenol)

Im thinking of trying out this one after Im finished with my bottle of P50W. Its the newest version of P50 lotion and claims to lighten and fade out pigmentation over time and with regular use. It stimulates exfoliation in turn brightening your skin in the process with wasabi extract, palmaria palmata extract. I noticed my skin is affected by external, environmental factors such as too much sun, pollution, and very cold or very hot environments. This product apparently helps with this and to help bring out your glow.

My thoughts:

At first I loved it, then after about 3 weeks of use I started noticing my skin purging and I had more breakouts on my chin. This product will bring everything (bad) out of your skin! I was freaking out a bit, but assumed I had to give it time for my skin to get accustomed to the product. I also started getting dry patches on certain areas on my face (which isn’t uncommon in Winter for me anyway). I continued to use P50W every evening though, after cleansing, I apply a few drops of this product on a dampened cotton wool pad gently patting the product  onto my whole face. After this step, I would usually give my face a quick spray with Avene thermal spring water if I feel any tingling. After about a month of use my skin loves this product! Im glowing during a harsh Balkan Winter, and the breakouts on my chin area has completely disappeared. The pores on my forehead and texture on my cheeks has minimised significantly, to the point of barely being visible to the naked eye.

Final Verdict, to repurchase or not to red-purchase:

When it comes to skincare Im completely honest in my reviews. I don’t write about a lot of sponsored fluff to get free products sent to me, most of my skincare I purchase myself as when it comes to skincare, Im very picky. Plus good quality skincare is expensive, no jokes. I would never recommend a product if I don’t love it, otherwise Its simply mediocre. Mediocre and expensive is not a good combo.This is one of those gorgeous products I would highly recommend If you have any of the skin issue I mentioned before in this post. Give it a try, and give your skin some time to get used to the product. Honestly, this is one of my cant live withouts.